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Stewardship & Maintenance 

Garden maintenance, viewed as stewardship of the land, goes beyond the routine tasks of weeding and pruning—it represents our commitment to nurturing habitat. This stewardship involves soil health, pest management, proper plant care, water management, reducing unnecessary waste and creating a habitat that encourages biodiversity. Properly tending to the garden not only ensures its immediate aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the long-term health and sustainability of the land. As a trained horticulturist I possess the knowledge needed to nurture and maintain gardens for optimal health of the garden and the land.  As an all-around lover of plants, this steward takes pride in adopting a holistic approach to garden maintenance.

Growing Season packages

We have two stewardship offerings: Monthly- 6 visits or Bi-monthly- 12 package. Garden visits happen from April-September. A 1-year contract is required.


 Stewardship Details:

  • Wake up yard in early spring/put to bed in late fall

    • Weeding

    • Mulch application

    • Clean-up & chop stems 

  • Informed pruning

    • Bring out natural structure of plants

    • Health of plants

    • Minimal shearing

  • Soil building

  • Weed control- non chemical

  • Disease and insect patrol including diagnosis and non-chemical management strategies

  • Plant edit suggestions and installation

  • Identification and removal of invasive species

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